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#FemaleGaze Interview with Sheila McMullin

#FemaleGaze is a new literary nonfiction online review exploring the intersections of femininity and society. I am delighted to be featured on their site in their second issue with an interview by Alicia Montellanos. We talk feminism, publishing, and the moon. Do literary reviews, magazines, journals,… Continue Reading “#FemaleGaze Interview with Sheila McMullin”

Into Goddessmode | Feminist Video Game Zine

Friends, feminists, nerds. Cool Skull Press, a micropress publishing “limited-run chapbooks that are funny and engage with pop culture, video games, glitch art, etc.” is open for submissions! For all the information go to GODDESSMODE SUBMISSIONS. Cool Skull Press is gathering poems, stories, and writing about video… Continue Reading “Into Goddessmode | Feminist Video Game Zine”

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts | Spotlight On! Weave Magazine

A particularly fun spotlight to write, I spoke with Editor-in-Chief Laura E. Davis from Weave Magazine about Weave‘s commitment to feminism and representing a diverse span of writers. To read the article in full, please visit VIDA: Women in Literary Arts Spotlight On! “Now in its sixth year… Continue Reading “VIDA: Women in Literary Arts | Spotlight On! Weave Magazine”

Need You More Than Ever

In Sarah Vap’s newest, The End of the Sentimental Journey, a vivisection of language, gender, and poetics, she writes at one point about the severing of a dog’s vocal cords during scientific experiments to prevent the dog from barking. In the silence, those conducting experiments were able… Continue Reading “Need You More Than Ever”

Caring for Animals is a Feminist Issue

“One of the most dangerous things that can happen to a child is to kill or torture an animal and get away with it.” Margaret Mead, anthropologist, women’s rights activist. As  a feminist, it has been important for me to recognize animal protection laws… Continue Reading “Caring for Animals is a Feminist Issue”

Articles on Participating Online & Cultivating Community

How do you ever really know how to do something until you do it? We learn our most valuable lessons through trail and error. So if you’re pumped and ready to dive right into building your online presence, God Speed and Good Luck! But… Continue Reading “Articles on Participating Online & Cultivating Community”

Some Last Words as Poetry and Blog Editor for So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art

The following post first appeared on So to Speak blog.  I don’t have a firm definition of feminism. I have an emotional understanding. Feminism as a verb, noun, adjective, with a short descriptive sentence—I draw a blank, but wish I could share the images in… Continue Reading “Some Last Words as Poetry and Blog Editor for So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art”