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How do you ever really know how to do something until you do it? We learn our most valuable lessons through trail and error. So if you’re pumped and ready to dive right into building your online presence, God Speed and Good Luck! But when you hit a speed bump, make sure to come back here and shuffle through this list of articles to rejuvenate your spirits. And always blog with integrity. Through this catalog, you will find a variety of pieces interrogating online life, practice, and strategies.

How can publishing online benefit underrepresented writers? What are the struggles of maintaining an online presence? How should I address trolling? What do I write about? What social media networks should I use? 

Share your articles and experiences in the comment fields below. 

♦ 3/6/2014: “Don’t be Human Spam or a Vampire: Austin Kleon’s Advice for SXSW” Nathan Bernier.

♥ 3/5/2014: “Social Media? A No Brainer. How VIDA Goes Beyond It to Help Women Get Published and Reviewed” Emily Warn. Two Pens: Writing from both sides of the brain

♣ 2/2014: The 
revolution will 
be feminised Zing Tsjeng. Dazed & Confused

♠ 2/6/2014: “101 Women Artists Who Got Wikipedia Pages This Week” Robin Cembalest. ARTNews (Thanks to VIDA)

♦ 2/6/2014: “Mean Girls Online: Can We Draw A Line In Social Media?” Staff. NPR Tell Me More

♠1/29/2014: “Feminism’s Toxic Twitter Wars” Michelle Goldberg. The Nation

♣ 1/31/2014: “Meet The Tumblr Artist Using Art To Troll Her Haters” Hayden Manders. Refinery29 (Thanks to Alison Strub)

♥ 1/28/2014: “A review of Punk Sociology” Deborah Lupton. This Sociological Life: A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton

♣  1/15/2014: “The Joy of Unfollowing” Maureen O’Connor. The Cut

♠ 1/8/2014: “Internet Harassment Of Women: When Haters Do More Than Just Hate” Michel Martin. NPR Tell Me More

♦ 12/18/2013: “The trouble with Twitter feminism” Meghan Murphy. Feminist Current

♥ 11/26/2013: Writing in the Internet era: A conversation with Sarah McCarry (aka The Rejectionist) Nathan Bransford.

♣ 10/30/2013: “Isolation In The Age Of Social Media” MARGARET BASHAAR. Luna Luna Magazine

♠ 10/17/2013: “The Outrage Generation: Feminist Activism On The Internet” ALECIA LYNN EBERHARDT. Luna Luna Magazine

♦ 10/18/2013: “15 Women in Tech to Follow” Craig Newmark. Craig Connects

♥ 9/18/2013: “Editor’s Corner #15: Carey Salerno for Alice James Books” Carey Salerno. VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

♣ 8/26/2013: Wikipedia for academics Deborah Lupton. This Sociological Life: A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton

♠ 7/1/2013: “Why You Should Have a Blog – 10 Great Reasons” Andrew Grant. Project Eve 6/24/2013: “How to get important people to respond to your emails” Adam Grant. Quartz

♦ 6/3/2013: “Fuck the High Road: The Upside of Sinking to Their Level” Jessica Valenti. The Nation

♥ 4/12/2013: “The future of #FemFuture” Caperton. Feministe

♦  4/11/2013: “How Do We Define Online Feminism? #FemFuture Ignites Debate.” Sarah Mirk. bitch media

♣ 4/9/2013: “#FemFuture: The Feminist Revolution Will Be Online” Elizabeth Plank.PolicyMic

♠ 3/31/2013: Why I blog“ Deborah Lupton. This Sociological Life: A blog by sociologist Deborah Lupton

♦ 7/16/2012: “On Ladyblogs” Molly Fischer. n+1 (Thanks to Todd Fredson)

♥ 3/17/2007: “10 Keys to Effective Writing for the Web” Steven Snell. Vandelay Design

♣ Report: “#FemFuture: Online Revolution” Barnard Center for Research on Women

♠ Feminist Philosophers

♦ BlogHer Topics: Blogging & Social Media

♥ List of Major Social Networking Site on Wikipedia

 “‘Slacktivism’ on Wikipedia

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