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Poetry in The Ocean State Review

Alongside two of my literary mentors, Eric Pankey and Sally Ball, my poems Beating Belly and Proof are in the latest issue The Ocean State Review. In Volume 7, Number 1 daughterrarium is also reviewed by Sheryl … Continue reading

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Interview with Writer and Editor Sheila McMullin on “The Day Tajon Got Shot”

The Day Tajon Got Shot is now available from Shout Mouse Press. I had the honor of speaking to the writing process of this book with its youth authors for Wordgathering: … Continue reading

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daughterrarium reviewed!

In April 2017 my first book of poetry was officially released! Since then I have been honored with thoughtful and provocative responses to the collection. Even Small Press Distribution recommended daughterrarium … Continue reading

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Humans of Ballou Book Launch! Celebrate with Shout Mouse Press!

Our feelings are our most genuine paths to knowledge. They are chaotic, sometimes painful, sometimes contradictory, but they come from deep within us. And we must key into those feelings … Continue reading

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Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month

Collected in celebration of National Poetry Month are book reviews and interviews I’ve written and conducted over the past couple of years. For more books written by women use the … Continue reading

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Poetry Micro-Review: Green-Wood by Allison Cobb

Allison Cobb has been celebrated for blending research and story with poetic perception and exposing political inequity to address failing issues of environmental protection. Through insightful and juxtapositional revealing of … Continue reading

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Book Review: Arco Iris by Sarah Vap

As soon as I published a review of my dear friend Sarah Vap′s newest poetry collection, Arco Iris (Saturnalia 2012), she comes out with an even newer collection, End of the Sentimental … Continue reading

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27 Beautiful Gifts

AWP Boston was a whirlwind of a weekend! It was an amazing event that my birthday happened right in the middle of it! To celebrate myself I bought, and was … Continue reading

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My Story of Finding Mom’s Book in the LOC

I currently intern at the Library of Congress in the Poetry and Literature Center. It is a wonderful place to be, with a magnificent view of the Capitol and lovely … Continue reading

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Danielle Pafunda and the Manhater

A Mommy V, Illness, Ex-Dog/Ex-Lover triptych, Danielle Pafunda’s Manhater is more of the consumptive tense man (h)eater. A Plath-descendant, Pafunda’s speakers’ polemic attitudes build a cage around opponents’ gazes. Immediately, with a title … Continue reading

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Time is No Goon for Jennifer Egan

Earlier today, Jennifer Egan won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction with A Visit from the Goon Squad. Rather than categorizing this book as a collection of short stories, it more mimics a playlist of … Continue reading

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