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Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month

Collected in celebration of National Poetry Month are book reviews and interviews I’ve written and conducted over the past couple of years. For more books written by women use the wonderful #ReadWomen2014  ♥ Green-Wood by Allison Cobb Through insightful and juxtapositional revealing of underrepresented or… Continue Reading “Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month”

From The Catbird Seat: Interview with Poet Paisley Rekdal

“A Small, Soul-Colored Thing” taught me poetic integrity: the opportunity of launching one’s memory into the middle of factual misunderstanding or misremembering and unstability as the point of being witness to trauma. This poem has a reliable narrator who questions and corrects herself, she does… Continue Reading “From The Catbird Seat: Interview with Poet Paisley Rekdal”

My Story of Finding Mom’s Book in the LOC

I currently intern at the Library of Congress in the Poetry and Literature Center. It is a wonderful place to be, with a magnificent view of the Capitol and lovely people in the office to share funny stories and talk literature. Pretty soon, our… Continue Reading “My Story of Finding Mom’s Book in the LOC”