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Need You More Than Ever

In Sarah Vap’s newest, The End of the Sentimental Journey, a vivisection of language, gender, and poetics, she writes at one point about the severing of a dog’s vocal cords during scientific experiments to prevent the dog from barking. In the silence, those conducting experiments were able… Continue Reading “Need You More Than Ever”

Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month

Collected in celebration of National Poetry Month are book reviews and interviews I’ve written and conducted over the past couple of years. For more books written by women use the wonderful #ReadWomen2014  ♥ Green-Wood by Allison Cobb Through insightful and juxtapositional revealing of underrepresented or… Continue Reading “Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month”

Some Last Words as Poetry and Blog Editor for So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art

The following post first appeared on So to Speak blog.  I don’t have a firm definition of feminism. I have an emotional understanding. Feminism as a verb, noun, adjective, with a short descriptive sentence—I draw a blank, but wish I could share the images in… Continue Reading “Some Last Words as Poetry and Blog Editor for So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art”

Book Review: Arco Iris by Sarah Vap

As soon as I published a review of my dear friend Sarah Vap′s newest poetry collection, Arco Iris (Saturnalia 2012), she comes out with an even newer collection, End of the Sentimental Journal from Neomi Press. Her newest new is for the hardboils and I highly recommend… Continue Reading “Book Review: Arco Iris by Sarah Vap”

Voting is a Feminist Issue

It was not until 1920 with the ratification of the 19th Amendment across the entire United States did American women get the right to vote.  For a country that is relatively 236 years old, women have only be able to be a part of… Continue Reading “Voting is a Feminist Issue”

Danielle Pafunda and the Manhater

A Mommy V, Illness, Ex-Dog/Ex-Lover triptych, Danielle Pafunda’s Manhater is more of the consumptive tense man (h)eater. A Plath-descendant, Pafunda’s speakers’ polemic attitudes build a cage around opponents’ gazes. Immediately, with a title like Manhater we assume the opponent is men, but the reality is much larger, and far… Continue Reading “Danielle Pafunda and the Manhater”

Mommy Poems by Medeia Starfire

Start off by showing your love for our poet, Medeia Starfire! In her shining evocation of paranoia, obsession, and oppression in relationships (in this case, a mother-child dynamic) she controls voice through writing short bursts of poems as a mother who has little control of her… Continue Reading “Mommy Poems by Medeia Starfire”

Natasha Trethewey 2012 Poet Laureate

Thursday, June 7,  2012, Natasha Trethewey will be named the 19th U.S. Poet Laureate! Last Fall, GMU students were honored to hear her read and speak at the yearly festival Fall for the Book. We learned from her during a panel discussion on race and poetry about discrimination embedded in privileges and… Continue Reading “Natasha Trethewey 2012 Poet Laureate”

In Celebration of Wonderful StS Editors

In celebration of our 2011-2012 editorial circle, I wanted to provide our out-going editors a chance to share thoughts on feminism and personal insights in working with the journal. Here we can share dialogue about what feminism is and means to us personally and politically… Continue Reading “In Celebration of Wonderful StS Editors”

Why I Am an Argument Series

One of the hardest things to teach in Composition 101 English courses is the argument. Actually, that is probably one of the hardest things to teach in general: the nuances of research, the validity of the opposing opinion, the supporting claims, and independent, yet… Continue Reading “Why I Am an Argument Series”

The Reality and Un-Reality of Race

Race, a culturally-constructed term to genetically categorize peoples of certain ethnic and cultural backgrounds into locked groups, is the backdrop of discrimination and racist mentalities. Anthropologists and scientists have studied the theory of race to conclude that there is no such thing as this in human… Continue Reading “The Reality and Un-Reality of Race”

Unveiling of the Immortal

Today, Monday the twenty-second of August two-oceans eleven, the Martin Luther King Memorial unveils!  About &*#$!$* time! Placed at Tidal Basin, a cozy post right along the Potomac River and close to the FDR Memorial Park and Thomas Jefferson Monument where the cherry blossoms bloom every spring,… Continue Reading “Unveiling of the Immortal”

Ballads of the Appalachians

Elizabeth LaPrelle sat in front of us tuning her bango and sipping water while we waited to hear what her voice would sound like, if she would sound like Joan Baez or Joanna Newsom.  Elizabeth introduced herself as a traditional folk singer of the Appalachians,… Continue Reading “Ballads of the Appalachians”

Fresh Out of the Oven: Lara Tal Shares with us a Tasty Snack from Pupcakes

Following are some words by Lara Tal,  Virginia Tech grad, on her new business, Pupcakes,and some thoughts on the stresses and excitements of working for one’s self and one’s passions.  Pupcakes is an online store selling tasty treats for dogs and cats (I particularly like the cat part) alike! It is… Continue Reading “Fresh Out of the Oven: Lara Tal Shares with us a Tasty Snack from Pupcakes”