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Unveiling of the Immortal

martin-luther-king-monumentToday, Monday the twenty-second of August two-oceans eleven, the Martin Luther King Memorial unveils!  About &*#$!$* time! Placed at Tidal Basin, a cozy post right along the Potomac River and close to the FDR Memorial Park and Thomas Jefferson Monument where the cherry blossoms bloom every spring, the MLK Memorial will be the first statue on the National Mall honoring an African-American. Through this week and next, the monument is expected to receive massive crowds between its varying times of showing. Next week, Sunday the 28th President Obama (he has my support) will head the official unveiling and dedication ceremony.

To read more about Harry E. Johnson Sr., the man responsible for organizing, promoting, funding, etc. the MLK Memorial and an argument for more diversity in our monuments, visit 

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