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The Reality and Un-Reality of Race

race_arewesodifRace, a culturally-constructed term to genetically categorize peoples of certain ethnic and cultural backgrounds into locked groups, is the backdrop of discrimination and racist mentalities. Anthropologists and scientists have studied the theory of race to conclude that there is no such thing as this in human beings. There is such a thing as human variation, but underneath our varying complexions we are genetically the same. On September 22, 2011 poets R. Dwayne BettsMartha CollinsFanny HoweClaudia Rankine, and Natasha Trethewey for the Fall for the Book Festival came together to discuss how they identify race and poetics in their respected writings.

To read more about the discuss panel and the Race Project, visit

Please join me in furthering this discussion of cultural perspective in writing? What are your experiences with writing and race? What do you do when your hapa? Start the conversation in the comment box below!

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