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27 Beautiful Gifts

AWP Boston was a whirlwind of a weekend! It was an amazing event that my birthday happened right in the middle of it! To celebrate myself I bought, and was given, 27 beautiful literary presents! What amazing people as writers and artists out there! I am so happy to support and celebrate them as well!

1: Fascicle Rebecca Dunham‘s new chapbook from dancing girl press. A beautiful open box with loose leaf poems, perfect for framing, inspired by Emily Dickinson.

2: [Bond, James] alphabet, anatomy, [auto]biography by Michelle Disler from Counterpath Press.

3: The Transfer Tree by Karena Youtz from 1913 Press.

4: the cream city review‘s 20th Anniversary Anthology volume 20.1 & 2.

5: Gazing Grain Press Thursday Freebie: The Interstate by Meg Thompson, chapbook finalist, handmade miniature.

6: Gazing Grain Press Friday Freebie: fragments from The Hungry Matter by Cassandra Eddington, chapbook finalist, handmade miniature.

7: ROAR: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women Winter Issue including MY POEM “Like Water” and the wonderful Julie Marie Wade’s nonfiction piece “Mrs. Blaschke.”

8: Thimbles by Sarah E. Colona from the dancing girl press chapbook series

9: On Being Ill by Virginia Woolf with introduction by Hermoine Lee with Notes from Sick Rooms by Julia Stephen. Reprint by Paris Press.

10: The Life of Poetry by Muriel Rukeyser with new foreword by Jan Cooper from Paris Press.

11: BUTTONS!!!!!! From all my favorite feminist publishers and activists including So to Speak, 1913, Paris Press, and VIDA.

12: Midwestern  Gothic: A Literary Journal Issue 9 Kindle Version.

13: The World Will Deny It For You by Janaka Stucky from Ahsahta Press (and got it signed!). Stucky is the editor of Black Ocean.

14: Scary, No Scary by Zachary Schomburg from Black Ocean.

15: Pigafetta is My Wife by Joe Hall from Black Ocean.

16: The Devotional Poems by Joe Hall from Black Ocean. (He’s a GMU alumni–I need someone to aspire to!)

17: The Moon’s Jaw by Rauan Klassnik from Black Ocean. You know how I love the moon and Klassnik drew me a pretty picture inside!

18: 32 Poems 1 year Subscription. George David Clark is a charmer!

19: 32 Poems Volume 8 Number 2 Fall 2010

20: The Missouri Review: Fractured Volume 30 Number 4 2007 (I got it for the Survey of the Graphic Memior, titled “Fluency in Form” by Lisa Hoashi)

21: Bluestem Spring 2012 Vol. XXIII No. I. I was unfamiliar with this journal, and henceforth totally judged this book by its cover. I still don’t quite understand what it is—partial tents? silver condoms? plastic jellyfish? idunno

22: Postage Due: Poems & Prose Poems by Julie Marie Wade from White Pine Press, The Marie Alexander Poetry Series (with a lovely personal note!).

23: Fourteen Hills: The San Francisco State University Review Volume 18 Number 2 2012 with magnificent cover artwork by Gilda Davidian.

24: Miniature signed broadside of Sarah Marcus‘ poem “Suffer Not Yet Our Eyes to Hunger for Your Face.” from Coconut.

25: Miniature signed broadside of Aubrie Marrin‘s poem “Lazarus Taxa” from Coconut.

26: Wreck Me by Sally Ball from Barrow Street Press. Sally Ball my dear friend and mentor.

27: Seeing all my friends I do not usually get to. Meeting new friends. Inspiration to be a better and more complicated, yet accessible writer. Working my heart with so much love—how could this not be my 27th gift?


My Gifts!

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