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Into Goddessmode | Feminist Video Game Zine

Friends, feminists, nerds. Cool Skull Press, a micropress publishing “limited-run chapbooks that are funny and engage with pop culture, video games, glitch art, etc.” is open for submissions! For all the information go to GODDESSMODE SUBMISSIONS.

Cool Skull Press is gathering poems, stories, and writing about video games written by women and nonbinary writers for a print zine. The pieces can explore a distinctly feminist perspective and engage with gender, prejudice, and misogyny in video games, but that shouldn’t be seen as a requirement. Rather, we are open to any video game-related writing by female or nonbinary artists, be they celebratory, derisive, surreal, experimental, or concrete.

All profits will go towards Feminist Frequency and Girls Who Code.


– poetry (up to 5 poems)

– short prose pieces (fan fiction, flash fiction, essays, dialogues, whimsical observations, anything, ~1000 words maximum)

– art, pixel or otherwise (greyscale or b&w)


Attach it as a .doc, .docx, or .txt file. If the piece contains pictures or complex formatting, submit it as a .pdf.

Make sure the email subject heading reads “Goddessmode Submission”.

Include a short 3-5 sentence bio!


“Rosie the Retrogamer”

“Rosie the Retrogamer”

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