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Toward Myself: A Poem

Revolving bodies, this poem first appeared as an earlier version in YEW: A Journal of Innovative Writing & Images by Women accompanied with stunning illustrations by Stephanie Foster.   Toward Myself   and I was dead too, dead when she first held me my father was… Continue Reading “Toward Myself: A Poem”

Need You More Than Ever

In Sarah Vap’s newest, The End of the Sentimental Journey, a vivisection of language, gender, and poetics, she writes at one point about the severing of a dog’s vocal cords during scientific experiments to prevent the dog from barking. In the silence, those conducting experiments were able… Continue Reading “Need You More Than Ever”

Clara’s Book: A Poem

This poem, exploring the human body spiritually intertwined with plant bodies, first appeared in Boog City Issue 89. Clara’s Book this (that) came into me by way of God you (God) delved straight in and God (she) took hold, made me hurt made me (him) shuffle… Continue Reading “Clara’s Book: A Poem”

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts Roundtable and Call for Interns

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, our temple of sharing female experience in the literary world and creating resources to engage the necessary need for gender parity in publishing, is bursting with new opportunities for all.   CALL FOR COUNTERS! VIDA is looking for self-starting feminist interns… Continue Reading “VIDA: Women in Literary Arts Roundtable and Call for Interns”

Natasha Trethewey To Give Final Lecture As U.S. Poet Laureate Tonight

During my time at the Poetry and Literature Center in the Library of Congress I had the honor of working with Poet Laureate Consultant in Poetry Natasha Trethewey. I remember the first day I had met her I was the first in the office.… Continue Reading “Natasha Trethewey To Give Final Lecture As U.S. Poet Laureate Tonight”

VIDA: Women in Literary Arts New “Spotlight On!” Feature

Today marks the release of a new VIDA column I’m writing titled Spotlight On! Each month we’ll celebrate a different creative writing publication that has made concerted effort to showcase a diverse writers, writing styles, and points of view. We’ll talk to the editors a bit and provide you some background… Continue Reading “VIDA: Women in Literary Arts New “Spotlight On!” Feature”

Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month

Collected in celebration of National Poetry Month are book reviews and interviews I’ve written and conducted over the past couple of years. For more books written by women use the wonderful #ReadWomen2014  ♥ Green-Wood by Allison Cobb Through insightful and juxtapositional revealing of underrepresented or… Continue Reading “Book Review Round-Up for National Poetry Month”

Poetry Micro-Review: Green-Wood by Allison Cobb

Allison Cobb has been celebrated for blending research and story with poetic perception and exposing political inequity to address failing issues of environmental protection. Through insightful and juxtapositional revealing of underrepresented or buried facts, Cobb brings to us not a judgement, but an opportunity.… Continue Reading “Poetry Micro-Review: Green-Wood by Allison Cobb”

Quick List of Poetry Collections to Satiate Your Feminist Brains

Are you in a book lull? Are you craving for some good times? And do those “good times” come in the form of reading, all by yourself, and for a long, quite time? Do you need some book suggestions that won’t make you go,… Continue Reading “Quick List of Poetry Collections to Satiate Your Feminist Brains”

From The Catbird Seat: Interview with Poet Paisley Rekdal

“A Small, Soul-Colored Thing” taught me poetic integrity: the opportunity of launching one’s memory into the middle of factual misunderstanding or misremembering and unstability as the point of being witness to trauma. This poem has a reliable narrator who questions and corrects herself, she does… Continue Reading “From The Catbird Seat: Interview with Poet Paisley Rekdal”

After the M.F.A. Panel Discussion at Fall for the Book

The following is more or less of a transcript (sans my hyper/awkward sidebars) of my talk given September 23, 2013 at the Fall for the Book literary festival. Titled After the M.F.A. I hosted and brought together George Mason University alums to speak on their post… Continue Reading “After the M.F.A. Panel Discussion at Fall for the Book”

On My Mind at Her Kind: Ocean Fragments: The Bikini Atoll and Plastic Seas

Originally published on for July’s 2013 To The Water theme, I write on health, disaster, reflection, and pollution. HER KIND is a Literary Community Powered by VIDA: Women in Literary Arts.   Science reasons we came from glass. Water vapor trapped in glass,… Continue Reading “On My Mind at Her Kind: Ocean Fragments: The Bikini Atoll and Plastic Seas”

Ever-Expanding Blog Post

::in beta-testing:: An ever-evolving and thought generating list of books read, questions unanswered, and feminist comments rethinking the capacity of a blog post. Thoughts on how to move forward much appreciated! The Books: December 12th: Even Though I Don’t Miss You by Chelsea Martin. A small… Continue Reading “Ever-Expanding Blog Post”

Learning Robert Frost Through Letters and Keepsakes

My search for collected documents from Robert Frost’s past to display for his Literary Birthday Celebration at the Library of Congress began in the Manuscript Division. Most of the pieces chosen for the display came from the large collection gifted to the Library by the Louis Untermeyer family. With reverence,… Continue Reading “Learning Robert Frost Through Letters and Keepsakes”