VIDA: Women in Literary Arts New “Spotlight On!” Feature

Today marks the release of a new VIDA column I’m writing titled Spotlight On! Each month we’ll celebrate a different creative writing publication that has made concerted effort to showcase a diverse writers, writing styles, and points of view. We’ll talk to the editors a bit and provide you some background information  so you can keep them in mind the next time you set out to submit your work!

Noted this month is Ninth Letter with words from editor Jodee Stanley on production strategies that lead to creative inclusivity in the final published product. Read it here: Spotlight On! Ninth Letter.

Ninth Letter in VIDA’s first Larger Literary Landscape count showed stunning numbers celebrating female writers. You can read Amy King’s overview of the 2013 VIDA Count here. And if you’d like some more background on VIDA, our mission, and what you can do to support inclusivity in publishing read my posts recently published at So to Speak: A Feminist Journal of Language and Art: VIDA and Why We Should Number Up, Part I and How We Can Number Up, Part 2.

Ninth Letter Overall

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