Year of the Anacostia River

100 years ago, the Anacostia River corridor in Washington, DC and Maryland was preserved as park land by Congress on August 31, 1918. To celebrate the Year of the Anacostia and #MakeWaves, I’m reposting my poetry video of “Kingman Island, Anacostia Watershed” made in collaboration with Aqua4.

Poetry and reading by: Sheila McMullin
Cinematography by: Krysta Schlyer and Michael O. Snyder
Created by: Courtney L. Sexton and Michael O. Snyder

Aqua4: An exploration of how water has shaped and been shaped by culture and development in our capital city. A collaboration between 8 D.C. based poets, photographers and filmmakers.

Sponsored by Our City Festival
Washington, DC, June 2015

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