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New Educational Materials for Shout Mouse Press Books

Through writing workshops that lead to professional publication, Shout Mouse Press empowers those from marginalized backgrounds to tell their own stories in their own voices and, as published authors, to act as leaders and agents of change.

In partnership with other nonprofits serving communities in need, Shout Mouse Press is building a catalog of mission-driven books by unheard voices. Shout Mouse Press’ authors have produced original children’s books, memoir and poetry collections, and novels-in-stories that expand empathy, engage the disenfranchised, affirm the vulnerable, and increase understanding of unheard perspectives.

Shout Mouse Press books are read widely in schools and book clubs. To aid in the conversation of these powerful works, new online discussion and writing prompts are now available.

Download curriculum for several books here including The Day Tajon Got Shot and Humans of Ballou.

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