Welcome The Fem: A Feminist Literary Magazine!

The FemThe Fem has arrived! With new content rolling in every Thursday, The Fem is a feminist online literary magazine “created in Summer 2014 by writer/feminist duo Autumn Jaye Spriggs and Rachel C. Lewis. They wanted writing that could be sexy without being objectifying, heartbreaking without being misogynistic, and that featured women as more than symbols. The Fem enjoys long walks on the beach at 3 a.m. with a bottle of wine and basket of fried pickles. Her guilty pleasures are romantic comedies and anime. She hopes to show you a good time on her terms.”

I am particularly excited for The Fem as they are an inclusive safe-space feminist journal. You know I love my magazines of women’s writing as they provide the space and context for women writers who have been traditionally over-looked, under-supported, and under-acknowledged. We also need more self-identifying feminist literary magazines with a mission to explore what it means to be a feminist in varying bodies, genders, and sexes. Weave Magazine is another great example of this kind of journal.

Last Thursday, The Fem released their first issue with poems by Paul David Atkins–a great guy and writer whom I also published a while back in So to Speak‘s first online, free issue.

I also feel very honored because The Fem has agreed to publish one of my poems titled “Luna Communicate,” a piece about a granddaughter’s changing relationship with her grandfather as he grieves the loss of this wife. “Luna Communicate” is a very important piece to me and I am so grateful to The Fem for housing it.

Welcome The Fem and looking forward to all the great work you will publish and the conversation you will spark!




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