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Building a feminist community means reaching out, shaking hands, and introducing yourself! So, Hi! My name is Sheila McMullin. I am a Filipino, Irish, Spanish, American. I am a feminist, vote and make decisions based on feminist concerns. I believe, to be feminist is to be political, full of love and sharing, and an openness to talk about our beliefs with a willingness to hear and integrate the values of others into our own concerns. To be a feminist is to believe in nondiscriminatory happiness for all people. Currently, my main feminist concerns revolve around childhood agency, promoting and learning about children’s rights, and public education structures and teachers’ rights. I also consider myself an ecofeminist, considering gender in our environments, while learning to reduce waste, both personally and in professional settings.

I love reading Peter Elbow and learning from his theories on ranking versus evaluating student effort and empowerment of writers’ voices. I love Donna Haraway’s When Species Meet and Helene Cixious’ The Laugh of the Medusa.

I have many long-term goals for Moon Spit, including transparency on a feminist poet trying to provide feminist positive options through my blog, considering gender, cultural, and racial equality, celebrating feminist visual artists, AND making a wide-ranging feminist community feel a bit smaller and more accessible through a FEMINIST RESOURCE page. Here, we celebrate and promote feminists from all points on the spectrum with various interests at heart. Currently, I am celebrating literary journals, food blogs, academics, and pop culture sites. Not only am I mentioning and linking to these feminist positive sites, but also giving a brief introduction to who and what they are.

I want your help in developing this resource! With your personal tastes and perspective on feminism we can create a seriously extensive and useful resource for our everyday knowledge! This list can help us make positive choices when considering to whom to devote our time, money, and energy.

Submit your suggestions in the comment box below, email me at, or send me a tweet @smcmulli

Thanks for your support!


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