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Spotlight On! Poem-a-Day | VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

We can change the online community to be a safer and more inclusive and empathetic space. The Academy of American Poets is working toward this goal through poetry and publishing the Poem-a-Day series. Today on VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, I celebrate Poem-a-Day!

“Spotlighting The Academy’s online publication, Poem-a-Day, imagine receiving a poem by a vast array of American writers in your email inbox daily, or opening a newspaper to read a new poem that encapsulates the state of your heart at that moment, or instead of drowning in your infinite scrolling social media feeds convincing yourself of all of the things you cannot do, you read a poem and feel buoyed by what you can do.” Read more.



2 comments on “Spotlight On! Poem-a-Day | VIDA: Women in Literary Arts

  1. erintothemax
    November 12, 2014

    Love this! I actually did a “poem-a-day” of my own one month in a group of friends … we each committed to writing a poem each day, and called it “Daily Poetry Surprise.” A winner was chosen for each day. It got pretty silly (and fun) pretty fast.

  2. sheilamcmullin
    November 13, 2014

    Thank you! I love how you named it “Daily Poetry Surprise” with winners! Sounds like so much fun! Thanks for your support!

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