Moon Spit | A Poem

First appearing in Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective this website’s namesake traverses the paradoxical despair and praise of revolving tides, unending changes, changes that are not different. Coping with death is to understand one day I will die too. How much to fight, how much to become one?

Moon Spit

I walk the ocean

its total expanse

over every wave and riptide

oil platform and sunken ship

choked gull and diving whale

filled with silver dagger moonlight

        I worship the moon________________________

endowed revolve

cyclical spin pulling oceans toward me

weaving my reflection through sand

tacit voice in the shell

        the moon, my body________________________

one day will decompose

feed ground deeper than the ocean

once Jesus waved his hands over sick bodies

power from his diamond heart admitted

souls to reform, return this time healthy

not quite yet— the soul not entirely gone

twice Jesus waved his hands over dead bodies

and the bodies became alive

not only alive, but same again

        I can believe____________________________

here he ripped souls from heaven

nutrients from ground

I kneel with my hands over her body

first, I move my hands slowly

glide above any heat she could offer

to root warmth back into her through  palms

I move my hands faster waving my

hands like a fool

cutting the air into a million pieces

keeping at this for

complete moon cycles

rings on trees and satellite tails

waving like a lunatic

like plucking a zither in crescendo

until plastic rots

sweating, dripping

I fall into the ocean

drown as salt barnacles to my lungs

Lime Hawk Literary Arts Collective established in 2013, is a group of storytellers, artists, and activists committed to promoting social change through the written and performing arts. We are passionate about art that creates awareness and inspires an evolution of thought toward a more humane and sustainable future.


One Comment on “Moon Spit | A Poem

  1. love the imagery. particularly the waving of hands, the energy exerted and shared in that motion is really powerful. on a side note, did you notice that the fish slightly below the center middle looks like a face. staring back at us as if the will to live emerges elsewhere

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