Sheila McMullin: Writing, Editing, Community Seeks Your Content!, the online home of VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, in addition to the annual Count has many new feminist resources for you including a lively member-sponsored forum, an events calendar, and several regularly updated columns featuring the goings-on in the literary world today.

These columns include my own Spotlight On! celebrating literary publications that publish exemplary work and include within their pages a diverse representation of writers, Reports from the Field, Exclusives, and the Dear Fury advice column.

VIDA would love to see you contribute your insights and experiences to the conversation. Here are a few suggested topics and ideas:
-Ways in which editors/writers/literary organizations can reach out to writers outside of their usual “binders”
-Personal essays on intersections between gender, race, sexuality, class, physical ability, and other identities.
-Misogynistic encounters in the world of workshops/publishing/readings/theater/film that illuminate larger social/gender issues
-Feminist successes/innovations in literary communities or publications.
-Making the invisibility of gender privilege (as well as other privileges) visible in the literary (and larger) world.

Send your Reports from the Field to lmelnick[at]vidaweb[dot]org and any other concerns relating to this or other VIDA content to aking[at]vidaweb[dot]org.

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