Quiet Project in a Noisy Landscape: Celebrating YEW: A Journal of Innovative Writing and Images by Women’s Relaunch

Publishing with Yew: A Journal of Innovative Writing and Images by Women reinvigorated my artist’s spirit. In the December 2012 issue, Stephenie Foster accompanied three on my poems with bright and startling images of multi-pedal insects. She even went on to speak about her artistic intentions in relating to my work in Break the Line, a podcast to which you can listen to here (March 2013 episode). Her insights provided me with new avenues into my Hey, Big Wild poems–a series very much in infant stages then. The collaboration was more than a simple pairing work together to be visually stimulating, the collaboration built a story. For this I am grateful.

YEW has relaunched as a quarterly issue with a shining new website, and is looking for submissions!

Yew welcomes submissions of poetry, hybrid writing, photography, or other visual art via email. Yew is a venue to promote writing and visuals by women, and at this time accepts submissions only from women. Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us that you have submitted your piece elsewhere. Yew editors will respond to all submissions within 3 months of receipt.

Writers and artists whose work is accepted will be asked to provide a one- to two-sentence ‘bio’ consisting only of a little known fact about themselves.

For more information on submission guidelines follow this link.

Founded in 2011 by designer Stephenie Foster and poet Carolyn Guinzio, YEW is an online venue for poetry, hybrid writing and images by women. Featuring poets along with artwork provided by poets, artists or the editors, text and image interact in a manner that enhances and maintains the integrity of both.

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