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3 comments on “Contact

  1. Rachel Michaud
    March 8, 2015

    Poem from your five exchanged words at Shakespeare Theatre performance yesterday–daughter, God, belly, white, winter

    Today the sky
    is God’s white belly
    pressing down.
    Winter half buried
    sons and daughters of earth.
    But only half.
    Ice remembers
    it can be water.

    Rachel Michaud

  2. Josh Feder MD
    August 16, 2015

    Hi Sheila, It was good to meet you at the Comics & Medicine conference last month. I really enjoyed the poem Daughterrariums. Thaks for your guidance in my challenging effort to access poetry.

  3. Jit
    June 20, 2019

    I saw through your spiritual eyes
    As you ‘Prayed for Rain’ while
    Driving on Sepulveda Blvd.

    It is like seeing my own hand
    Or the reflection on a mirror.
    You let me see how beautiful I am
    In the middle of a mad rush through time
    We call life.

    You took your ax to remove
    The scabs of cement
    To let bees make love to flowers
    Colorful & dancing with the winds
    Like finikin yet an ethically slut lass

    After all, life on this planet is
    One undivided whole.
    This apparently separate ‘I’,
    Sometimes forget the holistic I.
    The I that is
    You, I, the flowers and bees,
    The garland and the mountain,
    And all life in all forms
    On a blue rock in infinite space.

    A poet can touch the unseen.
    Thank you for showing me
    How ugly I can be as a
    Dusty truck and cement scab
    And the ethereal beauty
    Of the garland of colors all around.

    Thank you …

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