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About MoonSpit

MoonSpit Poetry is a Washington D.C.-based blog, information sharing, activist site revolving around your host’s, Sheila McMullin, main feminist concerns. MoonSpit Poetry is a project figuring ways to be empathetic and fulfilled human beings.

FftB Fellows Reading Collage copy

Sheila McMullin is an after-school creative writing and college prep instructor, supports VIDA–Women in Literary Arts as the Assistant Editor where she writes the column “Spotlight On!” celebrating literary magazines that publish a diverse representation of writers. She is a contributing poetry editor and the blog editor for ROAR Magazine. She holds her MFA in Poetry from George Mason Univeristy where she was the 2012-2013 Heritage Fellow and the poetry editor and blog/twitter manager for So to Speak: a journal of language of art. During her final year at GMU, Sheila interned at the Library of Congress in the Poetry and Literature Center helping to create easily accessible poetry resources for the public through the LOC database. In 2010, Sheila lived and traveled throughout China teaching English to university students in the Shandong Province. For further information on publications, experience, and awards, please visit the Publications & Readings and C.V. Page.

A Note From Your Curator and Writer:

MoonSpit is feminine grit. My main goal on is to provide transparency on a feminist poet trying to provide feminist positive options–all in the effort of supporting gender, cultural, and racial equality. I want this blog and website to be a space of us learning about us in all of our grace and humiliations. How to overcome prejudice with honor and intellect. To share our triumphs and provide examples of when we failed and tried again to succeed. We all deserve respect. I hope we create a space here of thoughtful praise in dedication to a happy, happy future. Please feel able to interact and comment on resources and opinions on this site with encouragement, opportunities for growth, and widening perspectives. If you are interested in collaborating email me at moonspitpoetry[at]gmail[dot]com.

Consider supporting MoonSpit by clicking through the Amazon banner on this site. It costs you no additional money, and through the Amazon Associates program any Amazon purchase you make (does not have to be the product I recommend) through the MoonSpit portal MoonSpit will receive a small percentage, which will go toward website maintenance and expanding content. Thank you, I appreciate your support!

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