Sheila McMullin: A Poetic Feminist MoonSpit Blog

Her MoonSpit Poetry of Insights, Resources, Queries, Activism, and Art Seeks Your Content!, the online home of VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, in addition to the annual Count has many new feminist resources for you including a lively member-sponsored forum, an events … Continue reading

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Half a Pill | A Poem

Half a Pill   The day woke up with a (*) not a star, but a satellite. We drove through New Mexico; yes   We saw the adobe cliff dwellings; … Continue reading

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Welcome The Fem: A Feminist Literary Magazine!

The Fem has arrived! With new content rolling in every Thursday, The Fem is a feminist online literary magazine “created in Summer 2014 by writer/feminist duo Autumn Jaye Spriggs and Rachel C. Lewis. They … Continue reading

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Misery Grows in Bunches: A Poem

Misery Grows in Bunches A lion is a lion because his fur matches the desert. There are antelope and zebra near; he has a mane, claws, he roars; he is … Continue reading

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The Introvert Abroad | Travel Writing by Kayti Burt

Kayti Burt is a television and travel blogger who subsists mainly on stories and espresso. Shows she covers for Wetpaint Entertainment include: The Vampire Diaries, Pretty Little Liars, The Originals, … Continue reading

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Part I | The Introvert and Me

A while back, I sat around the dinner table with several writers in an old wooden home in the secluded woods of the Virginia mountains. Most of my fellow writers … Continue reading

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Three Tents Reading Series Saturday, August 2, with MEL BOSWORTH, CHRISTY CRUTCHFIELD, and SHEILA MCMULLIN

Join me tomorrow for a night of poetry and prose at the Three Tents Reading Series hosted by Big Lucks. We’ll be reading at the Petworth Citizen at 829 Upshur St … Continue reading

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Like Water: A Poem

Originally published in ROAR Magazine: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women Volume 3, this poem hinges on the mystic understandings of a daughter and the generations preceding her. Like Water … Continue reading

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VIDA: Women in Literary Arts | Spotlight On! Weave Magazine

A particularly fun spotlight to write, I spoke with Editor-in-Chief Laura E. Davis from Weave Magazine about Weave‘s commitment to feminism and representing a diverse span of writers. To read the article in full, … Continue reading

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Language’s Tag-Along: An Interview with Poet Diane Raptosh

The following interview was conducted over email by Sheila McMullin and originally published in ROAR Magazine: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women Spring 2014 Issue. To buy a copy … Continue reading

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2014 Spring Issue of ROAR Magazine: A Journal of the Literary Arts by Women Now Available!

  I am proud to announce the release of ROAR‘s newest issue now available for purchase! Particularly exciting for me, this issue marks my second major contribution to ROAR– the first being in … Continue reading

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Toward Myself: A Poem

Revolving bodies, this poem first appeared as an earlier version in YEW: A Journal of Innovative Writing & Images by Women accompanied with stunning illustrations by Stephanie Foster.   Toward Myself   … Continue reading

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Need You More Than Ever

In Sarah Vap’s newest, The End of the Sentimental Journey, a vivisection of language, gender, and poetics, she writes at one point about the severing of a dog’s vocal cords during scientific … Continue reading

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Clara’s Book: A Poem

This poem, exploring the human body spiritually intertwined with plant bodies, first appeared in Boog City Issue 89. Clara’s Book this (that) came into me by way of God you (God) delved … Continue reading

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